Monday, November 22, 2010

Serious Thankful Day

Out of all 400 tagged fb pics, I only found 3 ones that could be considered relatively serious. Here is one.
I am thankful for the following austere, sometimes somber blessings today:

21. Religions that have commonalities with mine.
22. Non-homelessness (aka homeliness? :)
23. Quaker Oatmeal Square cereal (It fits in the serious category because it's not a sugary cereal. Just delicious and healthy and grown-upy but still fun because I like biting into each cruchy square with my back teeth).
24. Homeland Security/ICE
25. Having BFFs to talk to during trials
26. Global warming (anything that makes winter shorter and eases my guilt about never recycling has my gratitude)
27. Adoption
28. People who acknowledge their flaws and make me feel better about having them, too
29. Canadians like Kelly and Grandma C.

30. Expecto Patronum Memory #5: Presenting my Senior Thesis to a darkened auditorium filled with my peers, my art history idol, and my parents.

31. The relative health of my family.
32. Our life quality: "We are richer than Pharoahs ever were," my mom once observed. Because we enjoy things like the following, daily
32a. Air conditioning 32b. Air travel 32c. Internet 32d. Education!
33. Travelling by rental car to Aunt Marie's house in North Carolina tomorrow! EXTENDED FAMILY!
34. Life lessons learned from Stranger Than Fiction
35. Boys who are dilligently working to overcome pornography addicitions (I am really grateful for their efforts, their perserverance, their faith, and just their ability and willingness to think hard about the right and strong way through.)
36. Harry Potter 7
37. That I have work tomorrow
38. History to learn from- the exploits of Marie Antionette, Henri Matisse, Minerva Teichert, Enos the prophet, William the Conqueror, etc.
39. Watching my friends grow
40. The following counsel from Richard G. Scott: "Be thankful that sometimes God lets you struggle for a long time before that answer comes. That causes your faith to increase and your character to grow." It took me by surprise when he said that, I don't know why. But I really appreciate the message and will savor it in days and years to come.


Judy Anne said...

I am thankful that my brothers all married wonderful women who became my good friends, and that they then had awesome children that have become my good friends. The Lord loves us enough to let us struggle,and yet is there to strengthen us. Happy Thanksgiving!

MOM said...

I love your list and akl it's randomness. :) I felt such joy and happiness today! It was a great week with so many family members from both sides, safe weather for travel, incredible food, fun movies, and wonderful Christmas music non-stop driving home and this morning getting ready for church! I'm with Judy on all of the above. :) I love you Lindsey. 3 weeks! Yeah!