Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Serendipity is...

Love notes lighting up every 200 yards of your favorite run.

Finding out 2 miles later that all these notes (at least 15 of them!) are 2 Amy Love Rory... yet still basking in their glow.
Cutest form of PDA I've ever seen!

Taking in your kingdom at the top of your favorite run along Arlington Ridge, right before an early cross-country flight. The Pentagon is the low building right beyond the highway, the Washington Monument and the Old Post Office are the two towers in the distance. Unseen is the Potomac river in between us Virginians and them DCists and the Capitol, which hidden by the dumb bushes, far right.
Taking your younger "Elder" brother by complete surprise by joining him for the second half of his flight home.
^ Face of disbelief.

Sweetly booting an old lady out of her seat next to my bro so that I could sit next to him and bask in all his fresh missionary nerdishness. We read many scriptures on this flight home.

Cute doggies and sweet shades. And smiling with ALL your teeth.


Discovering that not having any health insurance can acutally be a plus, since it causes your father to rachet down his usual boat driving attitude from "Demon" to merely "Wild." That is my foot and my ponytail, fyi.

Having eternal frienships... (Not pictured: Ashley, who is nevertheless very important)

Snuggling with favorite people and getting recharged for life. Not pictured: my parents, who are nevertheless EXTREMELY important! I love my family!


Judy Anne said...

I loved seeing you and spending time with you and your family. You are the best!

Jayci said...

that is awesome you surprised your brother!! Nice work! haha - and isn't it nice to have some serendipity? :P You're so cute. :D

Anonymous said...

I think I'm still coming down off my cloud of 5 days of heaven with all of you! I love this last picture of you 5 cuddily kids!

And having extended family every day made things that much funner. :)

Lemon Family said...

Love it.

Olsen Family said...

Awesome!! Love every minute of family!! Glad you had a wonderful trip!