Monday, September 20, 2010

Go Team

You know those days where you're supposed to be reading 100 pages and preparing a project proposal for presentation tomorrow, but instead are spending the entire day falling in love with new music, contemplating life, watching plumbers install a sink in your bathroom, scouring the cupboards for new snackfoods, and vaguely piling up clothes in the center of your room so that you can pack them in a suitcase for your flight to Vegas on Wednesday?

Yea. I thought you'd know those days. Grr. I hate being this unproductive. I did run 4 miles today though. My sole success. And now, back to staring really hard at my Ethiopian readings and willing the information to go past my eyes and imprint on my brain.

.... Really I am just thinking about fall sports, as portrayed in these new youtube finds. The first really is just a gorgeous video, and the second is admittedly Kenny Chesney, but the coach's speech in the beginning secured its placement on my blog. Going from BYU, world's most sober school, to GWU, a grown-up prep school in the inner city, I feel like I was cheated out of the whole tailgate-party-chestpainted-football-fans college scene. *Small whine* Would've been fun.

I'm going home this week. I was in New York last week. I go to grad school and have become increasingly nervous about the job opportunities supposedly awaiting on the other side. My contacts are dry from staring at the computer for too long. I strung Christmas light up around my bed, canopy-style, and they look AWESOME. I can't decide if today is a good day or a bad day, but in the end, I don't have time to consider the question much further. As I mentioned earlier, HOMEWORK.

-La Scatterbrain
Hold up- pictures from my New York weekend:

I AM George's Progeny... I got to his school, after all.
It's like a tiny plaza for midgets, so they can feel like they run the universe for a second during their daily commute! Random mosaic under a low ceiling on the Red 1 line...

Ashley, my East Coast Sister! In Central Park.
Ghostwalking the Panda!

Our new luggage and our fabulous shoes make an appearance at the Goog. Ashley's on the left, I'm on the right.

update: wow that whole procrastination thing is really coming back around to bite me in the butt. Lesson from grad school year 1-- to do your readings early or you will never do them-- officially re-learned!


jbroclayto said...

BAG! Where did you get that AWESOME bag!
PS I am so excited to see you! It will totally be worth the huge amount of exhaustion I will be feeling that day. I love you!

MOM said...

Loved the videos...especially the quirky first one! Where do you get this stuff? And boys of's the first day of fall TODAY! My favorite season!

Anyway, good luck today with your class. Can't hardly wait for tomorrow. One more day! Eeeeeek! Be safe, and have fun with your happy flight home. :)

Erin said...

That red bag is dreamy. And a Christmas lights canopy bed sounds dreamy too.

Jayci said...

GREAT shoes and 'luggage' - is that the hip new word for purse or were you really just lugging it around? :oP Or third option - did you use it for luggage? clean underwear and toothbrush? :) haha Good luck doing all that reading!