Tuesday, July 21, 2009

To every boy ever made:

Know this: the whole sagging-your-swim-trunks below the top of your butt crack is NOT attractive. Has NEVER been attractive. Does not endear us women to you in any way and in fact makes us want to barf and/or yank your pants up to your belly button in a very un-sexy mom-type fashion! I don't CARE if you want a better tan line. I don't CARE that your mom once told you you have a cute butt. I promise you, we will still appreciate your asset when it is displayed under a layer of stylish hyperprene boardshort material. the end.


a person who knows. who is sick of the lower cleavage. (especially the nasty old chunky man kind).

^ Only person in the history of the world who has gotten away with it. And it's only cuz a malicious dog it attacking her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

^On behalf of women everywhere, thank you, Paul Walker, for being so.... modest. :) We likey.


Jayci said...

well hellooooo Paul Walker! :oP Haha! AND the coppertone girl? Have you noticed they have her bum covered up now? How sad... bad people have made silly kid-moments needing to be protected; even when it's an old vintage cartoon that's been around for YEARS. The little malicious puppy is so darn cute too. ha ha!

Katie said...


Auntie Cheryl said...

You know what I am not overly fond of is the young moms at my school who bend over to help their little son or daughter and ignorantly display their tatooe and bottom cleavage. I know that they are not aware of it, but personally I can hardly wait until fashion decides for us ALL, that it is now attractive to actually cover your toosh. Gee, maybe the pants with waistbands will reappear AS THEY HAVE BEEN FOR THE PAST HMMM... WHAT? 6000 YEARS!

Don't worry, girls, the day will come when you will like waist high pants. Really. It's true.

However I think that someone will need to help Brittney Spears put her pants on-she could get all tangled up in that much cloth and possibly suffocate. We wouldn't want that to happen.

Auntie Cheryl

Judy Anne said...