Sunday, July 26, 2009

Secrets (Maggie my fellow fan, this one's for you)

The blog Post Secret asks readers to send anonymous postcards containing their secrets to its founder, who then publishes them on the web. Sometimes funny, sometimes sweet, sometimes horrifying, and sometimes galling, it is always so fascinating to read what everyday people have an itch to reveal to the world at large. The creator of this website also published a book of these secrets (and I guess he has another one in the works... so excited to read that one soon!). I spent part of my Friday thumbing through Post Secret Book the First at a store, and spent another part of my Friday composing a list of my own secrets.

One of my favorite postcards in the book reads something like, "Instead of writing down my secrets I share them with those dearest to me... and my life is better for it." Betting that this is very true, here are two of the seven secrets I wrote down. Have a great week, my friends:

6. My regrets from college can be reduced to: kissing Spencer Thomas after we broke up, not going the extra mile for that A- in French 201, putting up that picture of Jenny kissing her future husband's roommate on the end-of-the-year ward slide show, and not telling that boy how distracted I got when I looked at his beautiful face in the library.

7. Every day I wake up to a future that most modern girls' dreams are made of, even though it's not the life I always wanted and planned for. But it's ok. I don't have control over God's timing and I'm doing the best with what I've been given... and I experience real, true, simple happiness almost everyday because of this truth (although each day's happiness comes in the guise of simple adventures such as walking to a friend's house in the rain, talking to a girl at the pool about her friend's suicide watch, or riding the bus home after a long day at work and cherishing the thought that I might belong to the bottom rung of society now, but I'm a free and independent girl in the heart of a great city... and have much to hope for.)

Pable Picasso (Spanish). The Butterfly from the illustrated book Eaux Fortes originales pour textes du Buffon (Histoire Naturelle). Print executed 1936, published 1942.
Iran do Espirito Santo (Brasilian). Butterfly Prussian Blue. 1998. Gouache on paper.
Mark Grotjahn (American). Untitled (Coloful Butterfly White Background Three Wings A#2 504). 2004. Colored pencil on paper.

All courtesy of the online collection at MoMA (Art world's newest version of "The Man.")


Jayci said...

(Art world's newest version of "The Man.") :o) I love it. ha! I haven't even heard of that blog - I'm going to go check it out. I bet it's a good read.

Maggie said...

Thanks for sharing your secrets! And for the shout out! I'm a little bummed Frank didn't pick one of my secrets I sent in a while ago. Oh well, they are still true!

MOM said...

You're a brave one Lindsey...amongst other things. I have a few college regrets too. But I'm not going to write them here :)

Stay strong, keep eating, sleep good. The life guarding is only a few more weeks! I love you!

Raunee said...

I had never heard of Post Secret before, but now I think I will have to read one of the books. It was very interesting. I don't know if I would be brave enough to share my "secrets" even if it is anonymous.

Judy Anne said...

My first kiss was a boy in Ensenada, Mexico in the 7th grade.