Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Things That Keep Me Calm

"Have fun in DC. It's the most wild, energetic, intellectual city, and completely obsessed with itself, but for good reason."

My dad told me that shortly before I left. Another friend warned something about "the cold-hearted and over-ambitious" I'd be up against here. Those two phrases still pop up in my mind occasionally as I continue my adventure. Grr.

As a temporary respite for such a prickly day-to-day (ps thank you my friends who encouraged me at the end of last week's post. All women, if I remember correctly. I'm grateful for your support), here are images of Things That Keep Me Calm, because my life feels like anything but at the moment:

The Giver: My current read on the Metro ride to and from work. How have I never read this book?? I've heard of it all my life, but definately never read it! It's beautiful! I love that it's written with such clarity and depth that even a child can grasp its emotional implications. Thank heavens for liberty and agency. And colors.

My Cell Phone (aka my lifeline). Notice the absence of a camera on my baby. Or even an earphone jack. Or a touchscreen. So simple! I'm very prideful about that... although I must admit, I am smitten with envy everytime I dabble with my friends' awesome iPhones, if only for their GPS ability...

The now very familiar curving walls of the Hirshhorn Galleries, where I stroll for hours at a time, acting as a sounding board for visitors while they work through their experiences with modern and contemporary art. "Modern art is a riddle, and there is no one answer." -MM (yes, I've been blog-stalking.)

Any meal eaten with chopsticks. Why? 1. They're usually 10x as aesthetically pleasing as sloppy American take-out, or the blah-nothingness I throw together for myself tiredly at the end of the day 2. Sushi, Asian fusion, and other non-western menu items fill me up without subjecting me to the customary 2500 calorie serving size I'd ingest at Chili's. 3. I miss Sarah Oh. 4. There's something contemplative and peaceful required of you when you eat with chopsticks. No wonder ninjas are so wise.

Sunshine. Makes this desert girl a happy camper. (Haven't seen any for a while, it's been raining for what feels like a week straight... and I STILL don't own an umbrella!)

Self-explanatory. Or is it? My friends, this is the Mormon Temple in DC. We go there to do service, and every tiny aspect of it, be it the clothes we wear (simple white, a great equalizer), the ceremonies we participate in, or the feeling it brings you (clarity, peace) helps bring us closer to our loving God. Truly a little gateway to heaven.

My first love in DC: The metro system. Arched, soft-grid ceilings; a gently lit, hexagon-tiled floor; incredible daily people watching... and the roller-coaster-like rush and boom sounds of the constant influx of speeding trains. It's glorious. PS. the Foggy-Bottom/GWU stop is one I'll frequent a lot when and if I start my Master's in the fall. Hee hee.

Other calming influences without photos:
~ Counting my blessings.
~ Service.
~ Blogging. (D@#% it, I think I'm used to that word! My gosh I used to hate it!)
~ Watching the Caps hockey playoffs from the comfort of a friends' Lovesac.
~ Institute.
~ My big baggy BYU sweats (6 years old and I STILL offer a silent prayer of thanks to the universe everytime I pull them on.)
~ Formalist art. There's nothing to it but lines, colors, and shapes. Google Frank Stella and Morris Louis if you want a peek.


Colby and Katie said...

I love you Lindsey! And I just felt this this was a good place to let you know this time. :) enjoyed the post. I read the Giver in 7th grade and loved it...I should re-read that one

Summer Lewis said...

I can't believe you've never read the Giver! It's amazing. There are some "sequel-ish" books called Gathering Blue and The Messanger. Not quite as fantastic, but great reads as well. And enjoy stress, it makes you grow...right...

Raunee said...

Hi Lindsey! You are such a sweet, beatiful person on the inside and outside. I know whatever you decide to do with your life, it will be b/c you followed your heart and the spirit. I love to read your blog every week. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings.

Jayci said...

thank goodness for colors. and simple phones. i love my simple phone!! But Mark says I 'need' the iphone. I don't know about NEED, I have a fear that I'll end up being a zombie when I'm out. I'd rather continue to be a zombie with my books. I've never read The Giver, either. I think I shall... I'm glad you like chopstick meals. I'll know what to cook when i have you over sometime. :) For I hope we'll live close together again!! :) Keep smiling, and go buy an umbrella you sunshine-rebel!!

Olsen Family said...

You rock!!

MOM said...

heh heh heh,,,"thanks to the universe everytime I pull them on." Make me laugh sis!

Where'd your sunshine girl come from? She feels vaguely familiar. hmmm....

Love ya, MOM

Judy Anne said...

My stress relief comes from reading yours and your cousins' blogs. I feel so connected to you all by reading your thoughts and dreams. Thanks for encluding this old lady in your life.