Monday, March 30, 2009

Mike, this one's for you...

I went to see a Brazilian garage band perform in the District this weekend- it was basically the perfect concert. Small venue, great sound mixing, a perfect amount of crazy-looking costumes(my favorite was the girl's haircut: chin length curly bleached hair, with a single two-inch wide section that extended below her shoulder). They played really HAPPY rock music, reminding me of the Ocean's Eleven soundtrack... see music video below. I was tapping my toe and smiling the whole time. And the whole thing was in Portugese!!! Proving in an unusual way the old traveller's adage that you don't have to speak the same language to enjoy someone's company or understand their heart. (Well, ok, it helped after the concert that they all spoke English. I met the drummer afterwards, who is NINETEEN!!!! And sooo talented! and he sold me a CD).


Anonymous said...

the language thing is sooo true. An illegal Mexicano taught me how to wire houses, and he could only speak the most broken english. Yet i found myself at his baby's chrisening and every birthday. I don't understand a word that's going on, but I still hate missing one of those crazy mexican get togethers, because the love and respect we have for eachother requires no real words... laughter doesn't know a language, and the best jokes don't have punchlines.

david THE cousin

Anonymous said...

Dear Personal Connection to the Art World;

Did you recognize Gray's Papaya in your shot yet? (You would be very proud of me-I haven't watched YGM since ... last Saturday night!)

Keep up the good work Lindsey-I thoroughly enjoy watching you from afar.You make me think and THAT is no small feat.

Auntie Cheryl

Colby and Katie said...

haven't read the whole post...but YEAH!! You got in to George Washington! That is SO exciting. We will have to celebrate in Utah in a few weeks. Congrats!