Friday, March 27, 2009

Time ticks on...

I missed someone this week. Not a particular someone, but just a vague, “My gosh! Where IS _____ when you need them??” feeling. Very annoying. I rotated various friends and family members’ faces through my mind, trying to figure out who it was I was missing, and I discovered that I am sadly missing not so much a person as an awful lot of my “signature adventures,” which are only plausible and fun when and IF they include certain beloved people. Ah the drawbacks of moving across the country to explore new things. Gotta forge new "signatures."

STILL, never one to be sensible and focused on the here-and-now (especially not at 4:45 pm on Thursday, still stuck at work and more than 24 hours away from the weekend), I present a random list of Lindsey and _____’s most excellent adventures from back-in-the-day. Guys…. I want you back.

“My gosh! Where is Marcus when you need him??” I would like to magically un-missionary Marcus for a little bit so we can hang out in his poster-covered room. I can make fun of his sword collection until he threatens to impale me, after which we will discuss what archetypes J. K. Rowling used in Harry Potter (Dumbledore=Gandalf=Merlin). Then we’ll march downstairs and sneak fruit snacks right out from under mom’s nose. We think we’re so sly.

“My gosh! Where is Spencer when you need him??” I would like to see Besso in Provo right now, so that I may charitably allow him to borrow my truck, so that he may charitably take out a girl tonight. And then, in preparation for wooing said girl, I will help Spenc color-coordinate his clothes (White shoes do not match brown sweater!!!! You know this!)

“My gosh! Where are my cousins when you need them??” I want to import some extended family, so that we may feast on magical Mormony foods and pass around a plethora of cute babies! And then we can all listen in rapt attention to Breann’s latest boy story. Or sing Broadway. Yeeeaaa… Graduation BBQ at Aunt Betty’s, in T minus one month! I can’t wait!

There are many more faces and signature adventures I could write about, but that would take a day and night and a day, so I’ll stop there. Riding the Chinatown bus home from NY last Sunday, I sat next to the coolest girl, Meredith, who told me about her newest paradigm shift. She’s just turned 27, and realized there are no more excuses. “You can only sit in a bar with your best friends and get hammered so many weekends,” she explained, “before you realize that you need to choose a different path for yourself alone. You can go out on limbs. You can make new mistakes and find new love and live an unexpected life.”

I certainly appreciated the reminder. There are no more excuses. Before I leave DC, I need to:
-Eat at Ben’s Chili Bowl
-Inspect Mt. Vernon for additional National-Treasure-like secret tunnels. Preferably find and kiss Nicolas Cage while I’m at it.
-Run some kind of race- like a 5 or 10k for some idiot cause I’ve never heard of. Ooh I just googled DC runs and I think I found the winner: the Dismal Swamp Stomp Half-Marathon! Now where are my Nike's?
-Go on a glamorous date with a boy to the symphony or something, and make him stammer cuz I look pretty (haha.... pretty different) all dressed up (memo to the judgemental: that’s not being vain, that’s something every girl dreams of. See Ever After, She’s All That, A Walk to Remember, Enchanted, Back to the Future, and every prom picture ever taken as proof)
-Get my hair back to its much nicer summer-blondeness (it’s time to bust out the lemon juice and sit in the sun… come on, spring! Hurry up! Seriously, this East Coast intellectual stimulation is barely worth the miserable morning freezefest)
-Get in a fight or in trouble (preferably have to be rescued)
-Eat a Georgetown cupcake, which is apparently God's gift to sweet-tooths... sweet-teeth?
-Watch a foreign film, or any film, long-distance with Jessica and Sarah (cross-country comrades!)
- Take a walk around the national monuments at twilight, holding someone’s hand
- Climb as high as I can get in the National Cathedral
- Picnic with new friends
- Got to a concert at the 9:30 Club- preferably a rap concert. I love being white. Can I say that if I immediately add that I adore black people? My security guard friends tell me yes… just don’t say it too loudly on the street.
- Pick up weaving or pottery or some really exclusive extinct craft, so that every time I meet people and they ask, “So, do you DO art yourself?” I can put on a serious face and say, “Yes. I am very into potting.” Hahaha. I want to be like Wee.
- Continue to be a nice genuine person, even if being mean or aloof supposedly gets you places.
- Make MONEY!!!
- Eat an entire double batch of oatmeal cookie dough… oh, wait, check! Done!
- Get lost on the subway- check! Double done!
- Go to grad school
-Meet the love of my life


Recently we had the Israeli filmmaker Ori Gersht come give a lecture with the Embassy of Israel at the Hirshhorn. He's famous for his "Big Bang" films- we have two on view right now. For a minute or two you are watching this "still life" film on a flat screen, of pomegranates, lettuce, or flowers, arranged against a dark background, with a weird rumbling sound going on (the first time I watched it I thought it was just the sound of the escalators behind me). Then, in each film, out of no where, the still life explodes! In slow motion! (though it still makes me jump every time I watch it cuz the rumbling noise turns into a deafening crash). Though you hadn't realized it, the flowers had been rigged with explosives (or in the case of the pomegranate, a bullet is fired off screen and cuts through the fruit, splashing it open). You are left watching the detritus scraps of life float through the air and finally settle on the ground with yawning, rustling bass-level thumps. It's genius.

Vanitas is an old genre of painting dating back to the Northern Renaissance. Artists would paint still life's of perishable items in various states of decay, as a reminder that not all things beautiful are lasting ("beware vanity!" in other words). Ori Gersht recycles that idea, and adds in the unexpected element of unexplained destruction. By doing so, he asks us to contemplate the senseless violence that occurs in our modern society. Today's tragedy is not that things die and decay. Today's tragedy is that people die, morals decay, and beauty and innocence are obliterated before their time, as the result of cruelty, greed, and irrational violence. I've been meaning to show you this one for a while, I think it's such an interesting modern twist on a timeless idea (and you all should know by now how much I like modern twists). Notice in the still how the smoke from the explosion is just creeping up behind the flowers. And you would not believe how cool it is to watch the destruction advance; you see some flowers immediately incinerated while others retain their shapes for a few seconds, before also succumbing. It was delightful to hear the artist speak (he was very reserved and soft-spoken, with an accent) and it was so interesting to watch his behind the scene videos. The production of a Big Bang film takes so much time, and the actual event is so lightning fast in reality. Yet the final version transforms a split-second sadness into something so beautiful, slow, and deliberate. It's one of the most arresting works in the galleries.


Eric said...

How about sitting in "the Chair" in dad's room and "discussing" something? That's got to be one of your favorite "signature adventures," yes?

Dad especially LIKES your goals to: "Make MONEY (with exclamation points)", getting into something like "potting" (ever thought of writing? ...I hear your blog is pretty good), running in the "idiot cause: Dismal Swamp Stomp" (you can't make this good stuff up), and, meeting the love of your life (but I thought that was me! :-( (Oh well, but remember, I still have the contract written on the corner of the IHOP place setting that I got in return for you getting the menu item $1 more than your $3 limit when you were +/-6 that gives me veto power over a prospect).

Dad DOESN'T like: "saying you love being white... too loudly on the street" (what are you, nuts?) and, "getting in a fight or in trouble" (makes a daddy nervous to even think about it... shudder). ...Do you need to sit in "the Chair" in dad's room to "discuss" this?

Looking forward to seeing the awesome BIG BANG, and the other signature adventures in two weeks.

Yer my hero.

Love, Ld

Judy Anne said...

How can I ever tell you how much your writing moves me? I too have been missing the 'signature moments/people in my life' and realize that some of them never come back. But, you are keeping them alive with your writing so that future generations (and us current ones) can live them with you. I think your dad might be have a gift.

Spencer said...

Hey, it's me. You know, Spenc. Why do you write it, Spenc? I do believe you mean Spence, which would be pronounced spentz. Spenc would be pronounced Spenk which is similar to spank. I've wanted to write that to you for a long time because you've always done it, and i thought i would comment on it.

Lindsey, I'd just like to congratulate you for your excellent instructions on how to clothe myself. We both know Dad didn't teach it to us! Good thing too, cuz I'd be ridiculous looking. I feel like I am a pretty good dresser nowadays. Just so you know.

I miss Marcus too. He was a different person when I got back from my mission, and I didn't get to know him all that well, ya know? Maybe I'll never know that side of him, cuz he'll have changed when he gets back as well. Anyway, that was a fun blog to read. 2 points. No, make it 3.

Anonymous said...

Hey-you added another picture of the "exploding fruit/flower" work. It is interesting, isn't it? And to think I would have never known about it except that YOU are involved in art (for us regular people(. Thank you so much!
Auntie Cheryl

Anonymous said...

one time i microwaved your hair. hows that for a signature? Also, with the clothes matching thing. My wifey matches my clothes, and I wanted a second opinion on something. Why can't a brown shirt match brown pants? THEY ARE THE SAME COLOR!!!!

david THE cousin

Spencer said...


ynny said...

I was just thinking about the hair microwaving incident the other day! And how I microwaved cheese all over Spencer's Darth Vader later (either in retaliation, or you had just inspired me, I can't remember).

There are different types of brown. Tan, golden brown (like milk chocolate... a happy brown) and the murky brown, which always sinks into the background of ugliness in any outfit (you know the type of material that has little flecks of blueish in it? yea. That.) These three colors don't readily match. Especially if they are on different types of clothing. Like, casual tan pants, happy (sloppy) brown t-shirt, or a murky brown dress jacket. Silly boys.

Raunee said...

I love reading your blog and being able to hear about your life. You are a gifted writer, and a wonderful person.

Jayci said...

i love the to-do list. :) All seem like they would make any right-minded girl living in d.c. HAPPY!! ;) please tell me how mt. vernon's second objective goes! ha ha!

rachel said...

whoa!!! you have to inspect mt. vernon!