Monday, November 5, 2012


Finishing my marathon strong was maybe- MAYBE one of if not THE best feeling I've ever experienced. I'm still overjoyed by the great experience of running the Chosen New Braunfels Marathon, even a week later. I'm so thankful to run (mostly) injury-free, and so thankful to my friends who ran with me/chased me down in a minivan to give me hi-fives at mile 14/paced me through my knee pain and scouted out slowpokes I could-should-DID chase down/gave me giant bear hugs at the finish.

Texas State Capitol. Taller than the US Capitol. But of course.
Some guys let us drive their Segue's around the capitol. My first time on a Segue. "Yeehaw!" is all I have to say. 

The crew, running around San Antonio the night before. Genevieve, Me, Rich, Kathleen (my running muse) and Michael, alias "WhattheHelg"

Post race. SOOOO happy to have my peeps there. And so happy we got a shot of "Black Stallion" the minivan in the background. 

Bless my friend Cobb who paced me the last 10 miles and did a superb job of livening me up and cheering me forward through the pain. 
That, my friends, is my face of pure and untouchable joy. Notice the bunch of kids who ran along behind me like I won the thing.
Again. STOKED!
Cobb was really good at pointing out people in front of me and encouraging me to pass them (which I did, SHOVE IT, old man!)

And I had DJ Kelly's ipod tunes to keep me going as well. It was cool, the trick of using someone else's ipod. I was always surprised by her random 90s hip-hop and rock selections.
The medal and the bracelet were hard-won.

For the post race meal, we hit up Texas' most famous Pit BBQ joint, The Salt Lick. I ate like half a cow. 

My boys Jeff and Rich ran a Half Ironman the next day, here's Rich finishing...

Here's Jeff in action, smiling after swim/biking 57 miles...

And here they are looking like champions.
 I may or may not be eyeing a Half-Ironman myself as my next challenge...


jbroclayto said...

you are right. that face is PURE joy. :) LOVE IT!

Aaron S said...

Fantastic job on running/finishing the marathon, and you definitely went down there with a great group of friends!

MOM said...

I'm so proud of you! Man, I wish I could've been there just to see your joyful face coming over the finish line.

You live so far away. I miss you!(Just thought I'd add that.)

Amanda said...

You are AMAZING!!! Truly. The end.