Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dusk of Summer

It's official. In the last 48 hours I have donned a sweater, found my favorite apple pie recipe, AND kicked up leaves. IT IS FALL.

Time to take a break from The Challenge to record some of my summer adventures for posterity (/do a little bit of blogbragging, let's be honest). I thought last week that I had had a very dull summer... then I remembered a dinner party on a houseboat in Baltimore Harbor, complete with vuvuzelas, and, tracing forwards from that effulgent evening, I discovered a wild array of glorious, summery good times. In no particular order, here are a few of my favorites:

Jess and I using Olivia like a hot water bottle at the 9/11 memorial one unseasonably frigid afternoon (she makes such a cuddly warm little boo).

Having all of Corolla Beach to myself during a brilliant red sunrise run. Never seen a sea so peaceful.

Teaching my marvelous Relief Society (with crazy visual aids). Always an enormous pleasure (because of the girls, not the visual aids. Although those are a nice creative outlet).

Walking across the majestic Brooklyn Bridge with the family in tow 
Finally finding the gorgeous white sundress, in my size, on a killer sale, in the third Anthropologie I tried- that my friends is what we call #WINNING

Creative 3 point contest in the pool at Duck Beach house #1

Reading the delicious Cutting for Stone while “watching” the boys play volleyball at Duck Beach house #2

The craptacular 88 degree long run Jillian and I hustled through. So happy to be alive after!

Shoe contest with Rich which I lost, badly. That boy loves his Adidas not too little but too well.

Gypsy living for five days while our power was out; thanks bishop of the Crystal City ward, our neighbors, and the Burtons for giving us air-conditioned places to lay our sleepy heads. And for Oliver’s pool for giving us a place to cannonball our overheated bodies.

Doing the tight pants dance after every Heat win and eventually their national championship.

My birthday burger  bar + Brave!
Lovely, fascinating architectural tour of U Street even while miserably sick and snot-nosed

Learning how to snap the football on the field at T. C. Williams High School. Yea, the Remember the Titans school!

Yoga on a stage during the middle of the Hunger Games

Spencer moving into my ward and making all of my favorite girl friends smile.

Tonight, my last roommate dinner with Kelly. She deserves a post of her own, so I will conclude with that one. Curry, roses, laughter, and memories. Me, Kelly, and Kathryn. It's been a wonderful two years with these two women.

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Judy Anne said...

Wow! Definitely a fun-filled Summer!