Monday, November 7, 2011

To Marissa, My Fellow Flying Squirrel

This is Marissa, one of my favorite people on earth:

These are the types of fun things we like to do:

Shake it on the beach.

Jam with Brad Paisley.

Meditate at Foamhenge.

Build "Phonehenge" at Foamhenge.


In five days we are running the Richmond Half Marathon together. It's her second, my first, half marathon. Marissa, are you ready? I'm so not. But I'm excited to survive with you :)

This part is just for you, lady. May I present:

LC and MP's Electronic Half-Marathon Survival Kit

Important tips and reminders for this week before our race:

Motivation to cross the finish line:

We will watch it. With ice packs on our legs.

Even funner motivation to cross the finish line:

Have you HEARD of Tebowing? I feel like it should be the pose we strike at our victorious end. Check it: 
Motivation of the food variety:

What was the name of that shake place right across from that tattoo-filled burger place we ate at with he-who-shall-not-be-named? Yea. I'm thinking it's time to hit up that shake place.

Let's try to get this stuck in our heads before the race:

No. Scratch that. This has a quicker beats per minute, will keep us uptempo:

I still have both of these wristbands fyi, and I will be bringing them so we can coordinate our style (although we still need some tutu's...). I think we can safely cross "bring our game face" off the list if we come with these expressions on our faces:

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