Friday, July 22, 2011

Blatant steal, the heat made me do it.

Re-posting from my friend Lauren's blog:

Yep that's us DC-ites, the hottest spot in the United States. Hey, THAT must be why the debt ceiling debate continues- NOBODY on the Hill can write a coherent compromise with sweat pouring into their eyes!

When I saw this, my eyes went straight to Vegas, because whenever the weather sucks here, I like to comfort myself by remembering that at least I'm not stuck in that perma-oven... oh wait. 75 DEGREES IN VEGAS!?!?!




Pool this afternoon, mais oui.

You should follow my friend Lauren and her other blog, I'm kind of obsessed with it. She has impeccable taste in everything I care most about: baked goods, romantic/funny videos, girly accessories, traveling to GOOD places, etc.

In other news, my obsession with Twitch from So You Think You Can Dance made me do something last night I swore I would never do: sign up for Twitter. His "LiveTweet" session with Lauren Froderman was indeed worth it! After, I realized that since I crossed over the dark side into the Twittersphere, I might as well follow all the writers and museums whose Twitter feeds I've been Googling for the last 6 months anyways. Chuck Klosterman! The Whale at the Natural History Museum! Niall Ferguson! (His take-down of Mika from Morning Joe on MSNBC is the one video I turn to for solace when the Obama administration and Congress make me want to bang my head against the Washington Monument) If you are a Tweeter, follow me @SerendipLC. I can't guarantee I will tweet about anything other than the idiosyncrasies of my little life, but isn't that the whole point?


Lauren Kay said...

you are soooo nice! seriously nice! i feel happy! my creed for the weekend: "i am not responsible for anything the heat made me do. (unless it's good)"

Jayci said...

okay! just started to follow your tweets. :) I only joined to follow hgtv celebs and nor! :P haha But it does have it's fun little perks, huh! Sorry it's so dang hot everywhere! ... but then again... it did just snow in the Sierra Nevadas, opening up Ski resorts in late July... so STRANGE. :P

Marissa said...

LOVE that you're on twitter! Thank goodness the temp is starting to drop!

Marcus Christensen said...

Daaaaaaaannnnnnnng, that's CALIENTE!