Friday, June 10, 2011

Thank you

I have some fantabulous, amazing friends who have decided for some unwarranted reason to build me up lately. Seriously, you guys make me feel DANG good and I'm 100% positive I don't deserve you but I'm remaining insanely grateful for my good fortune. Whether we're connecting through Duck Beach mania, a three-day long text message conversation, a four hour So You Think You Can Dance marathon, or skyping til way past my bedtime, I'm feeling good, and feeling lucky, because I have you for a friend. Thank YOU.


Marissa said...

You are welcome.

Marissa said...

No, just kidding. I love you and I'm so beyond grateful for you visiting and being Duck buddies and you being you. You fill my soul and just make me so happy. I needed you the last week more than you know.