Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I cheated on you.

I guest-posted on my friend M.C.'s blog, wrote about art history and baking. Enjoy!

Best picture I could find of M.C. and I:

She's the one in the sunglasses, I am the one rocking bangs, on a wakeboarding trip right before the BYU v. UNLV football game, 2007. Good times :)


Lauren Kay said...

And that's my cousin on the right! It's like a Lindsay sandwich in that picture. Really cute.

Jayci said...

Those paintings made me hungry. It's a good thing I have a made-from-scratch chocolate cake in my kitchen (my very first one, ever!). I'm just trying to be like you, Linds. ;) YUM.

Ashley said...

You better never cheat on me again :) I send you love from the holy Land... it could only be better if you were here! It was great to chat with you the other night. I love you long time!

Shalom & Cheers!

Erin said...

Why are you so cute? I loved that post! Also, MC is in my ward, but I don't really know her very well. But I always admire her outfits. I should go sit by her and chat about Lindsey next Sunday.

MOM said...

Sweet stuff sis! Thanks for putting sugar into my day as well as whipping up my brain cells! :) Kisses! MOM