Sunday, February 6, 2011

Elie Wiesel

"'Man comes closer to God through the questions he asks Him,' he liked to say. Therein lies true dialogue. Man asks and God replies. but we don't understand His replies. We cannot understand them. Because they dwell in the depths of our souls and remain there until we die. The real answers, Eliezer, you will find only within yourself."

"And why do you pray, Moise?" I asked him.

"I pray to the God within me for the strength to ask Him the real questions."

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MOM said...

Hi sis...I see you have my favorite painting up there: White Roses by Van Gogh, right? :)

I am grateful for God the Father; He enlightens my mind, especially when I'm searching for answers and I'm reading the scriptures or listening to someone speak. It's like an extra "charge" that He sends through me, like "Wow! Hey... this is true. Pay attention! See, I love you!" That's what I feel. That's how I come to "know".

I love you! This is true. :)