Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who would have ever thought you could love something so much?

Grown-up purchase #1 (well, #2 I guess if you count my new bedspread):

.... I might have hugged it after my friend Ryan and I finished putting it together. Which process took 2 hours. %$#* IKEA instructions!

It's so beautiful!!!


Jayci said...

Ikea instructions are the absolute worst! But it's so nice having nice/inexpensive furniture to make your place functional. :P haha - soooo is it worth it?

Your blog banner - You and I are soul sisters. Those anthropologie curtains are my FAVORITE! I want them for Mont's room (.. i know, they have love notes on them). I even tried to find scripted fabric for curtains so I could just make some - but I couldn't find ANY! If I were rich, I'd buy a couple panels... dang it!

Judy Anne said...

It is beautiful. Having a desk makes me feel like a grownup!