Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm in the New York TIMES!!!!

In a round-about way of course. :)

Wednesday, my museum held a press conference in a top-floor room at the super chic Pew Charitable Trust building in Penn Quarter (looked like the one at right but much bigger, and two of the walls were solid glass, looking out over the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building and the National Archives). We four troopers who are stationed out at the NLEM's offsite storage facility had been preparing for this conference for about two weeks, selecting objects from the collection to display to reporters, and listening to/critiquing my boss as she practiced her speech.

The press conference was held to announce that the museum has acquired the estate of J. Edgar Hoover, who, in case you didn't know, is a BIG FREAKING DEAL. He was the Director of the FBI since it became the FBI (1924) all the way til 1972. Aka 48 years as the head of the nation's premiere crime fighting institution! John Dillinger and the other machine-gun slinging gangsters of the 20s? He cut his teeth on their arrests. WWII spies? He was all over them. Communists? He had them shaking in their boots. We at the museum have received everything in his home at his death and more, including his papers, photos, china, uniforms, and a crazy assortment of awards and curios presented to him by rich, famous, powerful, and grateful people all over the world (hundreds of items!!).

Please note how the article mentions the archival needs of the collection. That's ME who is fixing all that right now, as the graduate archival intern (We have a very small staff). Also note where it says, "Ms. Baty and other museum staff members are creating an inventory of all the items. The team has counted about 2,500 items, and Ms. Baty said there may be more than 4,000 items when all is said and done." Other Museum Staff Members = Me and the other intern, Elena. My friend Marissa of course read the article after I had posted it to my Gchat, and she remarked that the article made it sound like there were 20 of us hustling through this process. Nope. A total of four of us. :) I love my job, I'm getting to do so many things way above my pay grade! Oh, and the picture in the article? The photo of Hoover is cropped because my gloved hands are holding up the sides of that frame. I'm SO enjoying the closest I'll get to museum fame right now.

My workweek awesomeness didn't stop there: the next day, we four squealed to see our release written about in the NYTIMES, the Washington Post, the Washington Examiner, several notable law enforcement blogs and newspapers, and many other smaller interest group websites. So cool.

And after that (and after a free lunch at 5 Guys), Laurie introduced me to the historian at the FBI and he invited me to come visit him at FBI headquarters and do a little "shopping" in the FBI's Hoover files, to look and see if there's anything they have that I would like copies of for my archives.

I'm going shopping through the former Director of the FBI's official FBI files in a week and a half. Hehehehe. I'm so excited, I have ALWAYS wanted to go into the beautiful Hoover building. It's so striking (Brutalistic architecture- some people love to lambast it but I think it's very appropriate for its purpose and setting). Plus I just want to know what the freak is going down in there! So mysterious, so imposing. And so closed to visitors since last year. Hehehe but I'm going in!

K it is late and night and I've got to go. Sorry for the lack of posts lately; my computer unfortunately contracted a virus so I can only write when borrowing a machine, like now.


rachel said...

oh my gosh!!!! your job is so amazing!!! I would love to be doing what you are doing!!! Also, my mom logged into my old email account and sent me an email from you about a birthday party at jdawgs around july 1,. I would have come!!! She sent it to me yesterday. wow! I love what your doing! It's so cool!!!

CS said...

wow, that's amazing lindsey!!!! i can't wait to hear what you find at the fbi!!! :)

Judy Anne said...

J. Edgar!!! How very cool!

MOM said...

Wow! That's awesome sis! Okay, so I didn't know how big Hoover was...director all those years!! What an amazing experience. You have a good life sis. :)
Love you tons, MOM