Monday, November 23, 2009

This is the first Ben Shahn painting I ever saw... Always loved it.

They totally have little personalities, don't they??

Happy Thanksgiving! And while we're at it, Happy Black Friday, to all my cart-pushing, credit-card-swiping, shopaholic friends. :) I'll be in New York City and New Jersey this weekend, living the life. Adios.

..... NOT adios. My mom caught me- I did indeed once replicate the artwork above, in color, for an art class. The assignment was to combine the painting techniques of two different artists into a single, original work. I decided to combine the blackboard-like scratchy lines and vivid colors of Paul Klee's The Golden Fish, 1925 (at left) with the delightful little anthropomorphic carts depicted by Ben Shahn in Supermarket, 1950 (aka the one above. Like I said, loved it at first sight). Welcome to pretty much my only foray into the art world:

Lindsey C_______. The Golden Shopping Cart. 2007. Oil on paper.


Judy Anne said...

Have fun with Maria and Family. Give them all, and your self, a great big hug from your favorite Aunt Judy

Jenni said...

Great find! If you were a shopping cart right now, what would YOU look like? Have a Happy Turkey day living the life in NYC and Jersey!

Summer Lewis said...

Happy thanksiving. And I love the ballerinas on your header. Where did you get them? The tutus are gorgeous.

MOM said...

Love the shopping cards. I believe you did your own little shopping cart art piece once, eh? But it was in living color if I recall.

Anyway, you have a great weekend. Please give Maria and her family our love, hugs and kisses. Enjoy some ribbon jello!...hopefully. :)

We love you always, MOM

Jayci said...

wow - i love your version of the shopping carts. and YES those black and white silhouette ones TOTALLY have personalities. you nailed that one on the head. :) Happy thanksgiving Lindsey C!

MOM said...

hahaha! Yep, I remembered. Very nice Lindsey. Thanks for the flash back to your beautiful art work. :)

Love, MOM