Monday, June 29, 2009

Quick Thoughts

I turned 24 yesterday!! June 28th, 1985 is when I started this life. The world's most perfect birthday. Here is the DCist "Photo of the Day" from yesterday, June 28th 2009-

Some kind of party train going on somewhere in the District? It looks like the Artomatic show, but I can't tell. At any rate, yes, people, my birthday IS a good day to don a mustache costume (see the half-naked person on the left) and dance around. Glad you could celebrate with me. Sad I spent a lot of my time in the Minneapolis Airport, coming home from my Utah trip to marry off my best friend, Jessica Brothers, to Adam Clayton.

BUT I'm so happy I got to be a part of their wedding!!! Worth every second and every penny! Thanks to my family for coming up to see me and Jess as well! In the aftermath of great life moments like this weekend, I feel like I can be up for almost any challenge, knowing I have such great people in my life who love me so much and who I can love back, with equal joy.

Auntie Chey- I LOVE MY PRESENT!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! And I definitely saved the wrapping paper as legal proof that you have bequeathed me your beautiful Ferdinand the Bull drawing when you die. I feel the honor of such a present :) My family rules.

Job search continues, although I'm starting an hourly, seasonal stint as Wendy Peffercorn, aka a lifeguard at the Upton Hill Park Pool in Arlington. HOORAY FOR PAYCHECKS AND FREE TANS!

My siblings rule. My best friends are the best. My airplane landed safely, and my new bright yellow rain coat was the perfect gift (thanks mom!). I got to go be daring at the Mona pond rope swing Saturday morning with some of my favorite guy friends, the only other thing I wanted to do this weekend besides see my best friend emerge from those temple doors with her hand in Adam's and a blissful smile on her face. Thus today, June 29th, finds me one very happy camper.


Cheryl said...

You are so very welcome! I talked with Erica yesterday and so she knows that the Ferdinand the Bull picture goes to you. I don't think she'll fight you on that one.

Your family had a wonderful time with you this past weekend. Your mom said that the 2.5 days sort of went in slow motion so it felt even longer than it actually was. That's always plus.

I leave for Seattle Wednesday morning. Hey, someday perhaps you can go to the SAM (aka Seattle Art Museum of course!) and see the Hammering Man statue in front of the building. If I remember correctly he doesn't move his hammer therefore he will NEVER be as cool as the ancient Fremont street cowboy guy who waves at you and squeaks out "Howdy Pardner" (okay- 45 years ago he did that but I am not sure he is even on Fremont Street anymore!)and of course there is his wife down the street-the lit up lady-don't recall her name.

Well-I am off to re-register my car. I completely blew it this year and have been blissfully driving for 8 weeks with expired tabs! They have a nice big fine for that now (dang).
Take care,
Auntie Cheryl

Jayci said...

glad you had such a wonderful 'swingin'' time in Utah! And haaaappy birthday! go 85ers!

Anonymous said...

Ferdinand the Bull is one of Jaxon's favorite stories, mine too.

david THE cousin

Judy Anne said...

Happy Birthday Lindsey! I am sorry I missed you. Dang the need for money and therefore to have to work!! I am looking forward to seeing you later this month in NJ.