Sunday, July 21, 2013

iPhoto Blitz

In April, my darling boss gave me her old iPhone 4. I have put its camera to good use. In case you've wanted to know how my spring and summer have gone:

USA. Tailgating with a fuzzy patriot.

Some random lady gave me and three friends her pit passes, so we got to inspect the Richmond Intnl Speedway before the race started!

Turns out NAScars go through a lot of tires in one night.

Cobb gets cheesy in Botswana on Embassy Day.

Cobb refused to eat the Bostswanan grub offered to us (on fork). I had to do the deed myself.

Kathleen, my triathlon training partner! At the Lake Anna Half-Ironman.

My Half-Ironman relay team. Kirsti run, me swim, Ray bike.

The two Mo relay teams working it out after the race.

Mom and pops flew out for my graduation from GW! I'm finally DONE!!!!

Mom and I @ Chrissy's wedding in Fayetteville, NC.

Duck beach!! Pine Island!!!

Happy birthday Spencie!!

I love Corolla, NC. So much. My home away from home.

Driving back by my lonesome at 5 in the morning.

One Million Bones project out on the Mall.

Nannying baby Andy has devolved my sense of humor. I probably laughed at this for at least 15 minutes and  I'm not exaggerating. Hehe. Ipood!

Finally framed and hung all my art in my room!

I host So You Think You Can Dance parties every week and most the time it's me and a bunch of dudes.

The atrium of the Guggenhemin, as sculpted by artist James Turrell.

Everyone in the Gugg atrium looking up at the light installation.

This is Russell. He came to NYC with me on my birthday. We went on a walk down to the Highline Park in Chelsea.

And we looked good.

Smokeline BBQ on the Highline- possibly the best BBQ I will ever eat. PERFECT golden birthday dinner!!!!

We also saw Spiderman! (I give it a C- though. Lots of opinions to share but not here)

I came home to a beautiful bday surprise from Best Friend!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walking over the 14th St. bridge on the 4th of July. The fleet of boats waiting to watch fireworks was almost as picturesque as the fireworks themselves! 

... Almost.


I made him do it.
Tiny boyfriend and baby boyfriend and I at lunch. We are a happy group!!
Tiny boyfriend and I swimming at the club, our favorite thing :)


Camille said...

I don't even know where to start on this, so let me some up all of my crazy reactions as this: "I LOVE ALL OF THIS!!! OMG DA BEST!!!"

MOM said...

I want a hug from Cobb!! Please tell him hello from me. What in the world is the Bones thing on the Mall???
PS- I especially love that newest picture of you and Russell. :)

Kent and Lieren said...

Love all the pictures! You look very happy :0)