Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I run here all the time. :)

As all the Washingtonians know, spring means daffodils. EVERYWHERE! My favorite are the clumps of them growing up the sides of on-ramps along the freeways. Whoever scattered those bulbs once upon a time deserves a medal.

I'm not really a poetry kind of person but I found this here and it resonated.

March Births
by Alice Walker

Many brave souls
who inhabit my heart
entered the brightening
but still chilly door
of earthly Life in the changeable month
of March.

The deep, noble, easily bruised




Arrived in that part of the month

when hardly one white or lavender
crocus, daring, vulnerable
& sweet
can be found;
except perhaps
in the prescient

And those others:

the late in the month
And butterflies—
Who were born
it seems
to set this world
of shyness
and daffodils
on fire.

It was my destiny

to behold and to cherish
you all.

What these births

at winter’s end
teach us to believe
is that what looks
frozen or even dead
may burst into bloom
at any time.

That to love

any other, is to align oneself
with eternal spring.

It is in fact

any other being
all one ever needs
one’s self
To come to bud
and flower
once more
and be born

On this same topic: I'm about to be a nanny of two! My boss Kelly will have a little boy here any day, and so my life revolves around my nanny family and my phone and the as-yet-unnamed-tiny-boyfriend #2. I haven't been this involved in the beginning of a new life since my littlest sister was born in 1994! So exciting. So wonderful. I'm blessed to be associated with such a good family. And I'm grateful for rewarding work.


Aaron S said...

I love that stretch along the GW Parkway. The flowers are beautiful, and the water makes me run lighter.

MOM said...

Yay! A blog post from Lindsey! (I've misses you/them.) And it's a bee-u-tee-ful one at that! Love the daffodils. :) Can't imagine jogging around such a lovely lay of the land. Pretty sweet poem, and love that you're getting to be a part of the Holly family baby time experience. Two cute baby boys! I love boys! Ok...I love you girls too, but being a girl myself made having little boys really fun. (Does that make any sense?) Anyway, I hope all goes well for Kelly and baby #2, and all of you! Give Cobb a hug from me! PS-I love how you keep replacing pictures in your main pic at the top. Who's the little blue fairy on the left?