Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Wednesday that was a Saturday

Bakery schedules are funny:  I work the late shift this whole month, meaning my job goes from 2:30 pm to about 11:45 pm (cleaning bakeries takes FOREVER!). Thus, my mornings have become my evening relaxing time, and they are filled with breakfasts in bed and Season 2 of Bones on Netflix. Also, today (Wednesday) is my only day off this week besides Sunday, which means it is my new Saturday. Second load of laundry's in the dryer, I found a great new Pilates workout on Hulu, and I slept in til 11:45. I love Saturdays. 

Sometimes I worry my blog isn't very funny. Most of my friends have AWESOME funniness in their lives and that comes through in theirs (Erin, I'm mostly talking to you :). Mine seems to be all about seriousness and learning and values. Snore. (I'm blaming it on the soul-sucking Washington venue.)

The following made me laugh, so I'm sharing it with you. If you don't think it's funny, just humor me (haha.... I've never understood that phrase so well as just now). So, one of my favorite blogs ended last year. The four authors all moved and decided to let the blog go. I was not too sad when passed into the void known as Internet history, but I kept it on my Google Reader list out of sheer nostalgia, and GUESS WHAT? Yesterday it came back in all its blazing glory, though I'm pretty sure it is not run by the same people. I clicked on its link eagerly, only to be reading this:

"Warrior Jared of Warehaven was once Lea's betrothed. Now that Lea's future is under threat she can't become emotionally involved with Jared again. But he has plans of his own, and he intends to use every seductive trick he knows to get Lea to comply...."

And it only costs 90 cents to keep reading. HEY-O!!!!!


Rachel said...

I love Bones! Also, you should watch BBC's Merlin on netflix as well. I've been doing the NYC Ballet workout on youtube. I miss hulu and netflix. p.s. I always find humor in your blog posts.

Lauren Kay said...

1.) I saw that pop up yesterday on the Apron Stage too! That's when I decided to officially unsubscribe. Hilarious though.

2.) Can you send me a link to the pilates video? I'd be interested in checking it out.

3.) You ARE funny.

MOM said...

Too funny, Funny Girl. :)

PS- Is that a baby Stonehenge I see in the Guggenheim in your blog picture above?

Judy Anne said...

okay, so we all can't be comedians...but you are intertaining...(my word verificaton below was cramu! Now that is funny!)