Thursday, December 9, 2010

Theme Song for Finals

8 days left of finals, and what am I doing this morning? Dancing around my kitchen in the same exact dumb way the lead singer of One Republic does throughout this video (particularly at the 3:12 mark. That's my move!). I'm strangely proud of this video, because I remember during the heyday of "Apologize" thinking that the lead singer of this band TOTALLY lacked in star power (as in, he looked like the kid I was assigned to sit next to in Algebra class who tried to cheat off me, whose life was devoted to Xbox). Look how far he's come! Watch me/us go:

The fro-headed boy going nuts with the snare drum in this video kills me. And is also kind of my muse. In some future life, after my lives where I'm a surgeon, a member of the Medici family, Alicia Keys, a pioneer, and someone who understands chemistry, I'm going to be a crazy drummer in a rock band.

In the meantime, three more papers. As the singer of One Republic (who prominently sports a wedding ring- way to be!) pronounces for some unknowable artistic reason:



MOM said...

You're a nut. Did I tell you that lately? And very often the surgeon and crazy drummer bit. Although I shouldn't be so surprised with the drummer thing. Go Lindsey!

Only 4 1/2 days!! Yay!!

PS - The "move" at was very fast. I want to see the real thing when you get home. :)

ynny said...

watch the whole thing then. :) He has about 8 moves that I do, it made me laugh.