Friday, October 23, 2009

Short Lil' Ditty

In the spirit of coming down from my homework hurricane and moving past the crankiness that snuck onto this blog over the last few weeks (I'm sorry friends!), I'm just here this evening to post this soothing little track by Kings of Convenience. I shamelessly ripped it from an art compatriot's blog that I admire/stalk, shhh. Never heard of these Norwegian Indie musicians before, but they really hit the spot at this moment in my life, for three reasons.

1. I'm sitting in my mint-colored art history grad student lounge right at this very moment, and it is my very favorite little nook in GW; you seriously feel like you're in a nerdy VIP room in here. A Xerox machine you can copy stuff on for free! Art history books on every topic imaginable neatly lining the shelves! A TINY FRIDGE AND MICROWAVE! And behind me, perched on a filing cabinet, is the now-familiar bust of some unknown scholar. I have christened him Noah. Noah was lovingly given a fluorescent pink beanie to wear on his head by some mischievous student in years past, and he looks awful. But we let him keep wearing it because sometimes he gets cold and besides, I bet he's one of those crazy annoying philosophers whose writings have now officially made me cry, they're so hard to digest. So keep on regretting your headgear, Noah. We're not letting you go yet. I still love him a little bit, though. I feel like he and this room and this song are all friends now. This song definitely belongs here.

2. I was told I am ice cold earlier this week, and I think it's somehow fate that I came across a song titled "Mrs. Cold" only a day later. Somebody else please write and tell me that person was mistaken :)

3. I'm already brewing my next post, and the above Kings of Convenience album cover foreshadows its topic: Being an Explorer (can something still foreshadow something else if I make it explicit like that? Who knows.)

Have a great weekend!


Raunee said...

I thought that song had a nice mellow beat. We all have our off days, and I think you were misunderstood. I think your family and you are some of the best people I have ever met! Keep your chin up!

MOM said...

Yep, the foreshadowing kinda lost its mystery. But hey...we'll read it anyhow! And I clicked on the Kings of Convenience and it just gave me the image enlarged. Was I supposed to listen to some very cool, soothing music? Cuz I really wanted it now, so darn. I guess I'll have to just nod off on the couch. We're tuckered out, ya see. Long (though fun) day at the cabin. Jack hammer day. mmmm...mmmm.

And Lindsey, though you're a straight shooter, you're one of the "Warmest" people I know! And I mean that. Loyal to the core and ever thinking of others. Including me. And I love you for it.

Have a wonderful Sabbath Day tomorrow! I know how you love them :)

Judy Anne said...

Hi friend, I am sorry I missed your whirl-wind trip to LV. Did you have fun? Call me sometime my sweet sister.

Cheryl said...

What's so wrong with being cold? Personally, I find it appropriate when around certain old,odd male type people -like the guy dressed in his formal Scottish attire (complete with the little purse placed in the worst possible position for any male type person-but hey, he did have the legs for it!) at a Single Adult New Years dance. Actually I wasn't cold, but I do think that in some rare situations it is a good idea ie. zombies come to mind.

Since school began I haven't read your blog, so it is nice to find you are still the same WARM, happy thinker that you are-I personally think you are a wonderful mixer of beauty, brains, brawn ? (I don't think so-wrong chromosome)and solid testimony of what matters most.

As far as my brains, what comes to mind is a pile of overly cooked angel hair pasta come most Friday afternoons after sending off my last group of happy five year old gerbils.
Take care,

Auntie Cheryl the Gypsy
I like to be a gypsy for Halloween because then I get to wear my favorite cowboy boots (?) under my my ancient bohemian looking skirt and then PILE ON EVERY PIECE OF TACKY AND NICE jewelry that I own and wrap a black scarf with red roses around my puffy hair. It's an adult version of playing "dress ups".

MOM said...

(Nice stuff Cheryl :)
So, I finally clicked the right thing to listen to the very cool song. I then read your blog and felt myself in your cute little nook at GW. Very nice. This Norgwegian group sounded a bit like our funny Australian duo from last year, only "real". Anyway, similar guitar strums and lilting melodies. Loved it! I still miss you though. These imaginary getaways with you aren't the same as the real thing. Oh well. That's what we parents get when you kids are all growed up! Until Christmas... :)

DFB said...

Cold?! What the...?! Who's saying..?! Who's the idiot? You, cold? How can anyone utter such a thing? You glow. You emanate. Light, energy and all their hot byproduct and you co-exist in some fashion and place that I haven't yet found, but can only perceive (and to steal a likey that place). I'd like to be there some day (no doubt a more-Godly residence), but I am clearly not there now. However, your blog magically transports me there with every reading. It is not a cold place. It burns...the good way. So, keep doing what you're doing and let the fiery darts of this adversary (unless he's a goofy friend) fall harmlessly to the ground.

I can only ascribe the affected man's remark to ignorance. Not to say he's an ignorant person, but if you search the scriptures about "understanding", you learn alot. Clearly, he doesn't understand. He missed the boat and does not "get" you. So, the HUGE looming question is: What's his ginormous problem? If he understood, he'd bask with all of us in your warm, glowing light.

Thank you for all your light and warmth.

Uncle David